Loyalty and gift cards for your store – reinvented.

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Moose is a Suite of digital marketing tools for local business and groups of business. Moose allows you to easily create and track your gift cards and loyalty programs to promote your activity and increase your revenue.

Do everything with the Moose card

Create cards that fit you, to promote your activity and earn your customers' loyalty.

Cards you create with Moose are packed with great features for your customers. They can be used as rechargeable gift cards or as loyalty cards with point balances – and even combine both, a balance and rewards!

Once the card is registered on their Moose accounts, users can check for their balance, rewards, and transaction history. They can also recover their balances in case they lose their physical card.

Moose allows you to create your own cards,
just like big companies


Moose innovates by giving every type of business the opportunity to use marketing tools that were, until now, only for big companies.

Gift card, loyalty card or both – we'll let you choose.

From first contact to loyalty


"Ms. Tremblay decides to give her nephew a gift card for Christmas. Once her nephew has used the balance on his card, he will be able to add value on it again himself and benefit from extra rewards, or to use it to collect loyalty points in your store."

Digital or physical cards

To address all different uses, Moose cards are available on a digital or physical format (high quality cardboard, or hard plastic).

The digital card

By default, your cards will be digital. You will be able to customize them and send them to your customers by email or text message. Once received, the card can be transferred on a wallet mobile app on a smartphone (e.g. "Wallet" on iPhone) and registered online on a Moose account.

The physical card

If you wish, you can order some physical cards from our platform once the digital cards are generated. A physical card is usually a very appreciated gift! This card can then be digitalized to be accessible online and to secure the balance on it, in case of the loss of the card.