Moose gift cards

Increase your sales and attract new customers!

Gift cards are very popular among consumers, during the Holiday season and all year long as a present. They also are a simple and efficient tool to attract new customers in your store.

How it works

Moose allows you to create digital or physical customizable gift cards. Those cards can be sold online or in your point of sale, and can be used multiple times in one or more points of sale.

Keep track of the use of your cards and their balance directly from your online account. You can also create new digital cards or order new physical ones whenever you want.

An easy-to-use tool

When a customer comes to you with one of your cards, scan its barcode or manually write down the number at the back of the card in the software. Then just debit or credit the card – it's as simple as that. The system also handles multiple employees and locations, at no additional cost!

Gift cards, a profitable solution.

Gift cards represent a real opportunity to increase sales.

Gift cards are popular

Gift cards are popular among consumers: 4 out of 5 of them will buy at least one gift card during the next Holiday season.

A source of attraction in businesses

Gift cards allow you to easily increase your customer base as they are popular gifts, and attract new customers in your store.

An increase of the average basket

On average, customers using a gift card spend up to 60% more than the amount of the card.

Moose gift cards also exist for groups.

Offer your own gift cards usable in your group of stores.
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Frequently asked questions

What can I do when I have no physical gift cards left?

You decided to bet on the gift cards and to complement the digital gift cards by physical ones? You just have to place a new order from your online personal space, using the same design or by creating a new one. You will be able to choose the number of cards needed and to define all parameters of your cards before ordering.

How to track my gift cards’ transactions?

You are able to find all informations regarding the use of your gift cards on your online account, in the gift card tab.