Moose loyalty

Reward your loyal customers every time they come to your store.

Your digital loyalty program, a few steps away

Create the program that fits you

Give points to customers when they make a purchase at your store and create rewards that will be granted to your customers automatically depending on their points balance.

Launch it in a click

Save your parameters, your loyalty program is now live! Your customers just have to hand you their Moose card to collect points and earn rewards

Loyalty with Moose, effortless

Retain your customers

Build a strong customer base by allowing your customers to collect points at each visit in your point of sale.

Give some rewards away

Setup some loyalty rewards that will be granted to your customers once they reach the required points balance.

Keep track of your program

From your personal space, keep an eye on the usage data of your loyalty program and insights about loyalty points collected and upcoming rewards to expect.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I bet on loyalty?

A happy customer is a customer who comes back. What better solution than to reward his loyalty? Moose allows you to easily set up your loyalty program. Your customers collect some points at each visit in your store, and get rewards in exchange. By doing so, you can increase the frequency of your customer’s visit as well as their average basket.

What are the benefits of digital loyalty?

“Classic” loyalty is based on paper loyalty cards, that are often forgotten, lost or thrown away. With Moose, you customers will always have an access to your loyalty program and their loyalty rewards. They can also consult their points balance whenever they want from their user account! Furthermore, you can track in real time the use of your loyalty program from your client space, and change your program in a few clicks if you wish.